Austlen Baby Co. Brings The Newest In Stroller Technology

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Austlen Baby Co. Brings The Newest In Stroller Technology

Stroller companies need to be on the cutting edge to compete, and Austlen Baby Co. is the newest company to make noise in the industry. Their stroller, called the Entourage, has all the latest features and technology to stand out.

We spoke with Audrey DeSimone, Marketing Communications Consultant for Austlen Baby Co. to learn more.

For someone unfamiliar with Austlen Baby Co., how would you describe the company’s mission and core offerings?

When you bring a baby into the world, a whole lot more comes with it — more noise, more laughter, more love and more stuff! That’s why Austlen Baby Co. creates products that make being a parent a little easier. Here, we have a team of in-house engineers (many of whom happen to be parents) that truly understands the daily lives and frustrations of new moms and dads. We’ve stopped at nothing to create intuitive, purpose-driven, well-made products that make family life easier and more fun — giving parents more freedom to live in the moment without being overwhelmed by more and more.

What is the background of Austlen Baby Co? When did it start, and how has it evolved since then?

As a new parent, Austlen CEO and co-founder Leslie Stiba could not find the perfect stroller to accommodate her family’s active lifestyle. Stiba wanted a stroller that could assist with everyday tasks, such as carrying a load of groceries at the supermarket, allowing arm’s-reach access to baby items and transporting large gear on family outings or vacations.

As an executive well-known for driving overall vision and strategy, recruiting top-notch talent and successfully managing product development, Stiba also possessed an entrepreneurial spirit. So, she designed her own stroller concept, secured a patent and started a company to make it a reality. Stiba then recruited co-founder and industry veteran Patrick Laffan to the business as chief technology officer. Laffan, a parent of three, was a previous director of engineering for Newell Rubbermaid’s baby product divisions (Graco, Aprica and Teutonia). Laffan had a proven track record at Newell, having brought many award-winning and successful strollers to market in the U.S. and Europe.

Stiba, Laffan and the Austlen team have worked tirelessly to perfect their concept and debuted their first product, the award-winning Entourage™ stroller, to rave reviews at the 2015 ABC Kids Expo, the leading juvenile products industry trade show. The Entourage received the prestigious 2015 JPMA Innovation Award for “Best in Show” by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). “Best in Show” is the highest award given by the JPMA at the ABC Kids Expo.

Looking to the future, Austlen’s mission is to continue creating purpose-driven products that make being a parent a little easier, giving parents more freedom to go and do.

What are the most popular and/or newest products from Austlen Baby Co?

The award-winning Entourage stroller, due out in mid-to-late September, is Austlen Baby Co.’s very first product. Designed for growing families who enjoy a life full of activity, the Entourage stroller has more versatility and storage capacity than any stroller currently on the market. The Entourage stroller’s patented design has an expandable frame with three linear positions that allow for more than 30 easy configurations to provide ample space for large items, such as coolers, shade canopies and even luggage, as well as multi-child options.

What sets Austlen Baby Co apart from other stroller companies?

The Austlen team is very passionate about delivering the best possible products to consumers. While we are a new company, we are veterans of product development and the juvenile industry. We have gone to great lengths to make the Entourage nothing short of spectacular. To quote our web site, “We believe in solving problems without creating new ones. Less is more, and if it’s not going to make a parent’s life easier, we won’t make it.”

What can parents expect to see from Austlen Baby Co at the LA Baby Show?

The LA Baby Show will be a great opportunity for parents to try out the Entourage in-person and talk to the Austlen team.

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