Help Your Baby Catch Some ZZZs With ergoPouch

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As a special preview of the LA Baby Show, coming up on the weekend of November 5-6, we have interviewed or profiled many of the Show’s vendors and participants. You can read all about them on this Show blog, but of course the real fun is experiencing the Baby Show in person.

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No problem keeps parents awake at night more than their baby not sleeping. When the baby doesn’t sleep, mom and dad don’t sleep. Now there is a company that is helping to solve that problem. ergoPouch has specially designed sleep bags and swaddles to help your little ones fade off to dreamland.

We spoke with a member of the ergoPouch team to learn more.

For someone unfamiliar with ergoPouch, how would you describe the company’s mission and core offerings?

At ergoPouch, we pride ourselves on being the reliable and trusted innovators of natural, organic sleep wear for babies and toddlers. We are an Australia-based company renowned for the design and manufacture of high quality baby swaddles, sleeping bags and sleep suits made from natural breathable fibers including organic cotton, bamboo and merino. We offer a diverse range of fashion forward designs and prints and our products provide for a safe way of keeping baby warm without the need for loose blankets in the crib.​ Our mission is to give baby a safe and better night’s sleep, and in style!

What is the background of ergoPouch? When did it start, and how has it evolved since then?

ergoPouch was founded in 2008 by sleep deprived mom Alina Sack. Sack was inspired to develop the ergoPouch sleeping bag with her first son who was a challenged sleeper. Today, ergoPouch is a market-leading and award-winning brand in Australia and the company’s products are now sold worldwide in countries and continents such as New Zealand, USA, Europe/UK and Asia.

What are the most popular and/or newest products from ergoPouch?

Our award-winning ergoCocoon 2-in-1 baby swaddle sleep bag is designed to be both easy to use and difficult to escape from! The simple zip up design will keep baby snug and securely swaddled without the need for complicated wrapping. For those babies who like a little more freedom or are transitioning to arms out, the ergoCocoon has patented poppers in the armholes that can be used to convert from a swaddle to a sleeping bag.

The ergopouch Sleep Suit Bag is also taking the world by storm! ​This innovative design converts from a wearable sleep bag to a sleep suit with legs using zippers, making the transition from crib to pram or carrier an easy one! The Sleep Suit Bag is also the perfect choice for older babies and toddlers who like the freedom of movement, with grip pads on the feet for little walkers.

What sets ergoPouch apart from other swaddling product companies? 

All of our products are made using natural breathable, skin-friendly fibers such as organic cotton, bamboo and merino. Our fillings are also all natural, never synthetic. Our entire range is ergonomically shaped for hip development and has been officially recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as “hip-healthy.” ergoPouch products are TOG (warmth) rated to suit every temperature and season and convertible for multi-functionality. Our products are designed to not only improve the sleep of your baby but to look good too in contemporary fashion forward designs and prints.

What can parents expect to see from ergoPouch at the LA Baby Show?

Parents can expect to see the full range of ergoCocoon swaddle to sleep bags and sleep suit bags including beautiful new styles for winter 2016-17. They will be able to see firsthand the multi-functionality of ergoPouch products and why ergoPouch is fast becoming one of moms’ most loved baby sleep wear brands!

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