Best In Show From The 2017 LA Baby Show

The 2017 LA Baby Show took place on November 4-5, 2017, at the Magic Box at the REEF, introducing thousands of new and expectant parents to a variety of products and services in the baby and maternity realms. This year’s Best In Show Awards named five winners and four honorable mentions, with the winners including outstanding products from a range of baby and maternity gear categories. Collectively, the winners and honorees are notable for their innovation, design, functionality, variety, and overall excellence.

The largest consumer event in the country for expectant and new parents, the LA Baby Show is the joint effort of Family Media and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), who are producing a series of Baby Shows in large metropolitan areas throughout the country.

The Best In Show Awards for the 2017 LA Baby Show were selected by a prestigious panel of judges with representatives from media, retail, and local parenting enrichment programs. The judges were: Jennifer Beall Saxton of Tot Squad, Rhiannon Dourado of Club, Laura Gerson of MomAngeles, Rachel Gorton of Motherly, Paula Kim of Kidsland, Trevor Mulligan of LA Dads Group, Renae Plant of Camelot Little Knights, Renee Powers of Earth Baby Boutique, Saarah Samadani of New Bloom Media, Karen Stoteraux of The Family Room Center, and Mia Weber of LA Baby and Family Media.


Austlen Baby Co. Entourage Stroller

The Entourage’s patented design has a one-handed expandable frame with three positions that enable multi-child configurations and the ability to carry large items, such as ice chests, shade canopies, and even luggage—this stroller has the strongest weight limit of any on the market, accommodating up to 150 lbs combined weight of children and cargo. “This stroller is genius for moms who live in cities or walkable neighborhoods,” one judge says. “It takes storage to a whole other level.”

Baby Trend Respiro Crib Mattress

The Respiro Crib Mattress is a new-to-the-market mattress that is engineered with high-tech breathable mesh fabric stretched tightly on its frame to provide a firm surface for newborns and a softer side for toddlers. There is no foam or stuffing used, eliminating the need for toxic or carcinogenic flame-retardants. The mesh sleep surface is easily removable for machine-washing and comes with a laundry bag, splash mat, and storage tote. “I absolutely love this concept. The mattress is designed to help minimize the occurrence of SIDS,” one judge says. “In their attempt, they designed a mattress to help [encourage safe sleep], but also one that is allergy-friendly. It won’t hold any dust mites due to it’s design, and it folds away into a bag!”

Luv Bug Sun Protection Blankets

Luv Bug’s Sun Protection Blankets are a summer must-have! They are made from UPF 50+ UV Protection fabric (which is also breathable, moisture-wicking, fast drying, and ultra-lightweight) and feature a hood, so a baby or child can have it over their head and wrap the rest around their body. If you’re wearing baby in a carrier, you can put the hood on them and then the remainder it easy to wrap around the parent’s torso. “Here in SoCal, we have lots of sun! Outdoors events are frequent, if it’s not the beach we are at the pool or parks! The towels are incredible soft and work amazingly well,” one judge notes. “The blankets are great with the bag attached to the blanket for easy carry and storage!” Plus, these handy blankets come in a variety of cute patterns (seahorses and sharks) and colors.

Nested Bean Zen Swaddle

Babies are proven to sleep better with mom or dad’s touch or embrace. The Zen Swaddle simulates the pressure from a parent’s touch with lightly weighted pads on baby’s chest and sides while they are in the swaddle. Additionally, it lets you swaddle with arms in or arms out, and it’s toxin-free, hip-healthy, and in excess of US and international safety standards. “I love that this product improves sleep, is breathable, and is stylish,” one judges comments.

Silver Cross Wave Stroller

The all-in-one Wave system includes the stroller frame, bassinet, and seat—which means its easy to re-configure as your child grows or if you add another baby to your family. With the patented One Plus One connection system, it’s a breeze to transition the stroller from single to tandem configuration, and the system can be used as a single, in tandem with the reversible seat and bassinet, or with twins in two bassinets or seats. “This stroller is beautifully crafted, elegant, and aspirational,” one judge says. “Who doesn’t want one?!”


Doona Infant Car Seat

Doona is the only infant car seat with fully integrated wheels—that means that it converts from car seat into stroller with the easy push of a button! Doona was designed to provide parents with a safe and practical mobility solution for their baby, both in and out of the car. Doona meets the highest quality and safety standards in both the car seat and stroller categories. “This is a genius innovation,” one judge says. “Who needs a travel system when your car seat can turn into a stroller with the push of a button?”

Happy Our Bamboo Cotton Clothes & Blankets

Fabrics made of a single layer are either too thin to keep the baby warm or too thick to keep the baby cool. Happy Our’s original DoubleKnit construction is made of two very thin fabric, carefully knitted to be one. The open-gauge inner layer creates space and allows airflow so it doesn’t trap heat nor sweat, while the outer layer is soft (it’s made from organic bamboo cotton that gets softer with every wash). Not only are their products oh-so-soft and innovative, they are all proudly designed and made in Los Angeles. “These pieces are so soft,” one judge says. “Plus, I love the simple black and white unisex designs and that everything is made in LA!”

Lulla Doll by Roro

The Lulla Doll is a sleep companion for preemies, babies ,and toddlers. It imitates closeness to a caregiver at rest with its soft feel of natural cotton and soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat. Lulla’s unique design is based on scientific research that shows how closeness improves sleep, well-being and safety. “This doll is adorable, practical, and based on research,” notes one judge. “Plus, it’s organic and unisex. It’s the perfect lovey.”

RideSafer Child’s Travel Vest

RideSafer is a wearable child safety restraint system designed to fit the convenience of both parents and child. It’s also considerably advantageous when you are car-pooling or switching to another car. Rigorously tested and modified through 15 years of experience, their vest reduces the load transferred to the child in a crash, providing better safety. Plus, it takes less than 10 seconds for you to install. “When your kids get bigger (and they will, way too fast), car safety can be hard to secure,” one judges notes. “These vests fold up small enough to be able to take them with you and so you will know that your kids will be safe in any vehicle you may end up in.”




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