Better Bean Is A Winning Bet For You And Your Family

Better Bean Is A Winning Bet For You And Your Family

Better Bean offers delicious, nutritious, ready-to-eat beans that you and your kids will love. Their preparation makes the beans easy to digest. Your family will love their new approach to a true superfood!

Better Bean will be at the 2017 LA Baby Show, on November 4 and 5, at the Magic Box at the REEF, in DTLA, when the nation’s largest show for expectant and new families returns to Los Angeles. A family-friendly mega-event featuring everything to do with maternity, baby, and toddler – from top products to trusted parenting experts – the LA Baby Show will welcome thousands of expectant and new parents from Los Angeles County, the surrounding counties, and beyond!

Tickets to the LA Baby Show are $30 per family, and $20 per individual.


We spoke with Hannah Kullberg, one of the company’s founding members to learn more about the brand and what new parents can expect at the LA Baby Show.

For someone unfamiliar with Better Bean, how would you describe the company’s mission and core offerings?

Our mission is to inspire people to eat more beans. Beans are a superfood, yet most people think they are gross or are scared of the after effects — so at Better Bean we have solved those problems. We make super tasty beans that are easier to digest. We do all the work for you: soaking the beans overnight, cooking the beans with aromatic vegetables, herbs and spices and packaging our tasty legumes so they are all ready to eat!

Tell us about the company’s background. When did it start and how has it evolved since then?

We started because of my father’s inspiration. He saw the gap in the market. There are canned beans which are convenient but leave a lot lacking and dry beans which you can cook at home into a tasty meal, but this process is time consuming. Better Bean is the perfect win-win bean product: ready-to-eat like canned beans and as tasty as the best home-cooked beans.

What are the most popular and/or newest products from Better Bean?

Our most popular is our Cuban black beans which are mild and savory. They are great for mamas and babies alike.

What sets Better Bean apart in the bean marketplace?

We are completely unique and the only company to offer chilled, ready-to-eat beans.

What can parents expect from Better Bean at the LA Baby Show?

Taste all our six varieties of Better Beans and determine your favorite! We will have VIP coupons to hand out to every person who comes by the booth.

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