CHALK Preschool Will Ignite A Love Of Learning In Your Child

CHALK Preschool Will Ignite A Love Of Learning In Your Child

As a special preview of the LA Baby Show, coming up on the weekend of November 5-6, we have interviewed or profiled many of the Show’s vendors and participants. You can read all about them on this Show blog, but of course the real fun is experiencing the Baby Show in person.

Tickets to the Baby Show are $30 per family, and $20 per individual, and can be purchased here.

Recent studies have shown that a child’s ability to learn, play and socialize in school is heavily impacted by habits developed before regular school even begins! Your kids deserve the best in preschools and CHALK preschool sets the standard. Their commitment to creativity, confidence and individualized learning is the first step on your child’s road to academic success.

To find out more about CHALK Preschool, we spoke to Director Nicole Brozka.

For someone unfamiliar with CHALK Preschool, how would you describe the school’s mission and core offerings?

Our mission at CHALK Preschool is multi-faceted. One part of our mission is to educate young minds while facilitating their enjoyment of learning. We support the growth of the whole child across emotional, social, physical and cognitive domains to ensure the development of strong, confident, life-long learners.

In our instruction, we strive to incorporate core curriculum goals based on early childhood learning standards and models, while also trying to ingrate the arts within a loving and stimulating environment. CHALK has established and adapted the best practices to provide a well-rounded, structured education enhanced by play and creativity.

We retain highly qualified and skilled teachers who are responsible for the development and implementation of lesson plans, upholding the classroom schedule, the emotional and physical well-being of students, parent communication and so much more. CHALK Preschool creates and maintains classrooms and play areas that are stimulating and safe for the children who enjoy them.

The name ‘CHALK’ is an acronym that reflects our vision to provide an environment where children thrive through…

Creativity and

Hands-on early childhood learning experiences that incorporate


Laughter and

Knowledge, in a safe and inspirational preschool setting.

Our preschool drop-off program is for children ages 2-6 years old. We offer both half day and full day programs available two, three, or five days a week for a schedule that works best for your family. We are a year round school with open enrollment, and admission is based on application date and availability. Children do not have to be toilet trained! We also provide a Parent/Toddler class, CHALKlets, for children ages 16-24 months as a great warm up to our preschool program.

What is the background of CHALK Preschool? When did it start, and how has it evolved since then?

CHALK Preschool was founded by a young couple from Chicago. Jen and Doug Oleff had such a wonderful experience with their child’s preschool, that they developed a dream to open their own preschool. With the help of their child’s original preschool teacher, Angela Johnson, they all worked to build schools with educationally rich environments that children could benefit from academically, emotionally and socially, and were located in areas that needed high quality child-care. The first CHALK Preschool began in Bloomington, IL in May 2005, followed by three other locations in Chicago, IL. After moving to Los Angeles from Chicago, the owners started the first Southern California school in September of 2009, CHALK Preschool of Westwood. In September, 2011, CHALK opened a location in Venice followed by a school in Manhattan Beach in September of 2015. We are thrilled to be opening our 4th So-Cal location, CHALK Preschool of Pasadena, in 2017!

What are the most popular and/or newest services from CHALK Preschool?

CHALK Preschool has recently partnered with the extremely well-known children’s fitness program, My Gym. Our commitment to providing a holistic approach to learning has now grown beyond the classroom with the addition of a daily My Gym component. Now at CHALK, not only are children immersed in a creative, hands-on and academic learning environment, but they are also partaking in a curriculum that emphasizes the importance of health and wellness from both a physical approach in our schools’ gyms and a cognitive approach through our weekly healthy lifestyle lessons.

On their own, My Gym has established a longstanding reputation as a pioneer for the physical education of young children. The implementation of this outstanding program has enriched our schools in many astonishing ways. The social and emotional lessons emphasized during My Gym are invaluable. Children learn how to work cooperatively, wait patiently and play fairly. The confidence displayed by once timid children is now seen not only when executing a tumbling maneuver, but also within the classroom setting itself. From holding a writing utensil with the proper grip to the increased focus during learning time, My Gym has contributed greatly to the continued success of our little learners here at CHALK!

What sets CHALK apart from other preschools?

In addition to our My Gym program and partnership, CHALK Preschool offers a unique and well-rounded program with excellent teachers at the center. Each classroom has two lead teachers all required to have at minimum, a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Development or a related field. CHALK teachers provide vital inspiration to students as they discover the world around them. The teachers and staff focus all activities and experiences on the children. They develop their own creative lesson plans based on a combination of early childhood learning standards and models and arts integration. This, along with knowledge gained from observing students’ play and behavior, allows the teachers to facilitate educational experiences tailored to each child. CHALK teachers provide the students with classroom environments designed to make children feel comfortable, stimulate their creativity and have a ton of fun. It is within these spaces that play becomes learning. Teachable moments happen all of the time. The skilled teachers at CHALK capture and take advantage of those moments every day to provide for optimal learning.

What can parents expect to see from CHALK Preschool at the LA Baby Show?

Several of our administrative staff from our different locations will be representing CHALK Preschool at the LA Baby Show! Our staff will be there to discuss our programs and answer any questions parents may have about our preschools. We will be handing out tour folders that include applications, as well as other general information about programs offered, the school calendar/schedule, tuition prices, philosophy, etc.

We will also be demonstrating our parent/toddler class, CHALKlets. This hands-on class is a prelude to the CHALK Preschool Program. CHALKlets is offered to kiddos who are 16-24 months, and therefore too young to enter our drop-off preschool program which begins at two years old. In CHALKlets, we provide you and your little one with a condensed version of our preschool day with fun activities, a stimulating environment, and a wonderful teacher to facilitate organized learning at a relaxed pace. As the adult that is present in the CHALKlets class, you get to assist your child while they explore, socialize and get a little messy! There will be a schedule of activities, but we always include free choice options to encourage independence, curiosity and confidence. CHALKlets is a great way to introduce your child to CHALK Preschool and meet other families from around the neighborhood!

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