Keep Your Child Safe And Secure In The Car With Safe Traffic System

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Safe Traffic System

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to your children, and that is even more true in your car. Driving with your child is an necessity but too many kids are strapped in incorrectly or think they’re too old for a traditional booster. Safe Traffic System have two products that will keep your child safe as you drive them around town.

To learn more about Safe Traffic System, we spoke to Vera Fullaway, a member of their team.

For someone unfamiliar with Safe Traffic System, how would you describe the company’s mission and core offerings?

The company, Safe Traffic System, Inc. was founded with the sole purpose of protecting kids, from toddlers to teens, in motor vehicles with a safe, legal innovative type of restraint system that is known as the RideSafer Travel Vest.

Our mission is to provide convenient-to-use, comfortable, portable, and light-weight child restraint systems for passenger vehicles. Our RideSafer Travel vests have become a very popular alternative to booster seats. We are not anti-booster seat; we do manufacture our own Delighter Booster which is currently one of the lightest full size backless boosters, and will be launching at the LA Baby Show. We simply offer an alternative with the vest for children to ride safely and more comfortably.

When our company was developing a strategy and focus in 2000, we looked at many studies such as the NASS (National Automotive Sampling System). It reported that among 6,300,000 children involved in car accidents from 1999 to 2008, approximately 50% of them used either adult lap and shoulder belts only or no restraint system at all. In the rear seats, most passenger vehicles had lap only seatbelts which compounded the problem for children since booster seats can ONLY be used with lap and shoulder belts.

In current times, even though cars have lap and shoulder belts in the rear seats, we are finding that most children do not ride in booster seats as long as they need to because children equate booster seats to “baby seats” when they reach early elementary school age. The RideSafer Travel vests offer a much more “grown up” system for them and at the same time offer much better protection for them than the adult seat belt alone. We are also seeing that cars are getting smaller, conventional car seats for children are getting larger and heavier and it has become very challenging to place three children in the rear seat of many vehicles. Our Ridesafer Travel Vests solve that problem easily.

What is the background of Safe Traffic System? When did it start, and how has it evolved since then?

Founded in 2000, our first patented product included a vehicle seat that had the ability to face the rear of the vehicle in the front seat for ultimate protection of all children. As mentioned in the paragraph above, we soon found the incorrectly restrained child problem to be much more extensive than our vehicle seat could potentially solve so we decided to shift our focus to the booster-age child.

Celebrating our 16th birthday, we are very pleased to launch the Generation 4 (Gen4) RideSafer Travel Vests at the LA Baby Show. The Gen4 vest is our latest design that offers more comfort and better protection than ever.

What are the most popular and/or newest products from Safe Traffic System?

We only manufacture the RideSafer Travel Vests and Delighter Booster Seats.

What sets Safe Traffic System apart from other car safety companies?

All child restraint systems that meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213 performance requirements protect children. The RideSafer platform of child restraints is lighter in weight, easier to transport and move from car-to-car, and is “safety a child can wear.” There are no comparable, legal products in the world that meet all of the safety standards for which we hold certification. Our global certifications are FMVSS 213 in the U.S.A., ECE R-44.04 in Europe, China Compulsory Certification (CCC), Korea Compulsory Certification (KCL).

What can parents expect to see from Safe Traffic System at the LA Baby Show?

We are very excited to announce the launch and availability of the RideSafer Delight Vests, our 4th generation of improvement in design and safety components; and the Delighter Booster Seat – the lightest full size booster on the market!

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