Everything You Need To Know About The LA Dads Group

Editor’s Note: The LA Dads Group is a part of the City Dads Group, a national network of fathers dedicated to being active in their children’s lives. They host meet ups several times a month to get local dads together, and we are honored to be working with them at our LA Baby Show. They will be taking part in our Boot Camp for New Dads workshop, the special closing act to the show taking place from 3:30-4pm November 5-6. You can spend even more time with them at in the Dad’s Lounge, open both days of the show. Below is our interview with Trevor Mulligan, co-founder of the LA Dads Group, about why dad groups are so important to new fathers.

LA Dads Group

How would you describe the LA Dads Group?

We host father/child meetups several times a month at parks, beaches, playgrounds, museums, sporting events, parent-and-me classes, and many other SoCal adventures. We also host Dads Night Out events to give our dads an opportunity to socialize, have fun, learn, and support each other as we navigate parenthood together. Our meetups occur during the week and on weekends to accommodate both stay-at-home dads and working dads. We are active SoCal fathers and we invite all dads to join us: married dads, single dads, gay dads, stepdads, at-home dads, full-time working dads, etc. – all are welcome. There are no group dues or no attendance expectations. We are simply dads who want to be active in their kids’ lives!

What types of activities can dads expect to attend when joining the LA Dads Group?

We frequently do park or beach meet ups. These are great ways to interact with the kids while having some time to engage in adult conversations as well. We also have some exciting events with companies, one of our more recent meet up was with Matel, where we got to go to their headquarters for a tour. It was great to see how they test their toys and we were fortunate enough to have some of their experts on hand to show us how they develop some of the toys.

Why is the LA Dads Group so important to local fathers?

We are awesome dads who like to hang out with other awesome dads! When a father is active with their kids, it is great to join other dads and kids for fun activities. I think this is the best part of the group, being able to explore and share new experiences with others around LA. I have been a stay-at-home dad for the last six years. The first six months I was at home and didn’t get out much. When cabin fever set in my wife suggested I join a dads group. I was admittedly very hesitant at the beginning, armed with reasons or excuses not to go, but once I finally went to my first meet up, I was hooked. It was great to be surrounded by other dads who understand what is happening in my life being a father, that could not only help create a support system for me but also become great friends. A lot of my friends who didn’t have kids slowly faded out of my daily life, so this was a great way to find others with kids to be able to  hang out with, talk to, or vent about our lives if we need to. When Matt and Lance from the New York dads group asked if I would be interested in helping get this group in LA started, I jumped on it. I love being a part of this group!

What’s been one of the most fun activities or places in LA to share with your children?

We have had the pleasure of going to a Hot Wheels event with our kids. They not only had Hot Wheels and tracks everywhere to play with, they also had full size Hot Wheels car that we could sit in. It was a real treat!

LA Dads Group is a diverse community of fathers who take an active role in their children’s lives. The only requirement to joining us is to be a father residing in and around the Los Angeles area, who want to socialize and interact with other dads who enjoy spending quality time with their children. L.A. Dads Group is part of the City Dads Group, a national network of fathers dedicated to being active in their children’s lives and, by example, redefining what it means to be a dad in the 21st century. City Dads Group has groups in many major metropolitan areas throughout the United States.