Lansinoh’s High-Tech Smartpump

lansinoh breastfeeding

By Whitney C. Harris

Pumping is a breastfeeding mom’s friend or foe. It can give you some relative freedom from your nursing newborn for some much-needed rest, relaxation, or time to work. Or it can feel like a chore, sucking up time and energy along with the milk your body has to keep churning out. For me, it’s been more like the latter. As a stay-at-home (while-working-from-home-part-time) mom, I’ve always found it easier to keep my baby close by for her regular feedings. But the Lansinoh Smartpump may be changing my tune.

I used the Smartpump—the first pump with Bluetooth connectivity—for three weeks to see if I could include it in my daily routine without it feeling like a lot of extra work. The insurance-provided pump I received nine months ago when my baby was first born does a half-decent job (on the rare occasion that I use it), but it has always been more trouble than it’s worth. Whereas the pump I already have is loud and bulky, this Lansinoh model is much quieter and more streamlined. It not only has a digital screen to time your pumping sessions, but it also has a coordinating app that can help you keep track of what you’re producing. It wasn’t until I started using the Lansinoh that I realized just how much more milk I can get if I pump in the morning versus pumping at night.

When I discovered the dramatic difference between pumping 15 minutes in the morning instead of 45 minutes at night, it became much easier for me to set aside a little time after breakfast during my baby’s nap. Soon it became second nature for me to sidle up to the pump, hook myself up to the machine while using a homemade nursing bra, and shoot off a few emails while letting the Lansinoh do its work.

The pump itself also takes care of some guesswork. It automatically begins with a two-minute rapid-pump phase to trigger a letdown. (I never would have thought to manually do this with my insurance pump!) Then you can choose from three different pumping styles/speeds to mimic the way your baby naturally feeds. Beyond the better pumping experience, the physical parts to the device also feel much sturdier and less delicate compared to the pump I already own. They’re easier to clean and I have more confidence that they’ll last longer even with more regular use. Best of all, the Lansinoh comes with two different flange sizes, which helped me realize I could achieve a better fit.

Moms will also appreciate how the pump connects with the Lansinoh Baby app via Bluetooth. When connected, the app and pump keeps track of how often, how long, and how much you pump. It allows you to track pumping, breastfeeding, and bottle feeding habits, as well as how baby is doing with diaper output and growth parameters. The app even has articles on tips for getting the most out of your pumping sessions, storing breastmilk, and transitioning back to office life. And you may be looking for some good reading material while pumping!

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Whitney C. Harris is a freelance writer living in Westchester, NY. She had her first child, a daughter named Rowan, last summer. Find her at