Why Los Angeles Is The Best Place To Raise A Family

Hollywood sign

By Eli Lipmen

Editor’s Note: Eli Lipmen is a co-founder of the LA Dads Group and editor of their blog. This blog post was originally titled What L.A. Means to Me, and was featured on their website. For more blog post from the LA Dads Group, visit citydadsgroup.com/la/blog.

For me, Los Angeles means diversity of cultures, languages, food, and ice cream. Lots of ice cream.

On a weekend, I can take my kids to the Thai Cultural Festival, an exhibit of a world-renowned artist, or on a bike ride across major boulevards during CicLAvia. I can take my kids down the street to the local public library to be entertained by dragon dancers during the Chinese New Year or visit Bob Barker’s Marionette Theater on a Saturday afternoon.

If we decide to just hang around our local park, my kids are exposed to playmates who speak languages from all over the world – they can be recent immigrants or third-generation, but many of them speak multiple languages that represent their parents’ ancestry.

The food found in Los Angeles – from the fluffiest tamales to melt-in-your-mouth sushi – cannot be beaten. Within walking distance, I can choose between Cuban, Scottish, or even Tibetan cuisines, as well as more “traditional” fare like Italian, Mexican, or Chinese foods.

And don’t forget the ice cream! From any flavor you couldn’t come up with in your wildest dreams (like the “fast food” flavor that tastes like french fries dipped in a vanilla shake) to frozen yogurt with dozens of topping choices, LA is the place for ice cream. There are so many choices that instead of doing a pub crawl for my birthday, I did an ice cream crawl across the city; and, yes, it tasted as good as it sounds.

Southern California is also the only place where I can take my kids to the beach on pretty much any day during the year, and while we never go enough, the mere fact that it is there makes living here so great.

Now Los Angeles isn’t all sunshine, ice cream, and movie stars. My four-year-old already asks, “Are we on the 405?” whenever we get stuck in unending traffic. The constant conversation over schools is hard not to indulge in as parents scramble to make the money, the connections, or do whatever it takes to get their kids into their school of choice.

Being a dad in Los Angeles isn’t easy either, because much like many other cities in the United States, being a stay-at-home dad is still considered different. I can tell by the looks I receive while at the park with my kids or taking them to their swim lesson in the middle of the day that people are wondering why I’m not at work.

But at the end of the day, as I put my kids to bed, I get excited about the hundreds of fun adventures that await us tomorrow in Los Angeles, and that is why being a dad here is so great.

Eli Lipmen works from home helping nonprofits raise money while also playing with his pre-schooler and toddler. He loves exploring all that Southern California has to offer… beaches, parks, museums, politics and more! You can find him on Twitter, Snapchat (elipmen), and Instagram talking about politics, the environment, or being a #badassparenting.