Milk and Eggs Brings The Farm To You

As a special preview of the LA Baby Show, coming up on the weekend of November 5-6, we have interviewed or profiled many of the Show’s vendors and participants. You can read all about them on this Show blog, but of course the real fun is experiencing the Baby Show in person.

Tickets to the Baby Show are $30 per family, and $20 per individual, and can be purchased here.

Milk and Eggs Brings The Farm To You

When it comes to fruit, vegetables and meats, freshness is everything. Only one food delivery service can promise that 24 hours before the food was brought to your doorstep, it was still on the vine or in the ground. That company is Milk and Eggs, and they pride themselves on the freshest food in the business.

To learn more about Milk and Eggs, we spoke with Kevin Mael, a member of the Milk and Eggs team.

For someone unfamiliar with Milk and Eggs, how would you describe the company’s mission and core offerings?

Milk and Eggs is a farm and food delivery service at 50% off. Our product selection includes vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood, milk, eggs, cheese, fresh breads, fresh pasta, and beverages. We are farm-to-door in 24 hours, offering you the freshest selection of products. With our farm direct model, we are able to offer savings that are passed to our customers.

What is the background of Milk and Eggs? When did it start, and how has it evolved since then?

Milk and Eggs launched in 2015 as a milk, eggs, and essentials delivery service before expanding to all the products we provide now. We continue to expand our product offerings to include fishers, farmers, and many artisan food makers. Many of our customers love and taste the freshness, and the fact that they are saving time and money with our service.

What are the most popular and/or newest products from Milk and Eggs?

Popular items this summer have been standard vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, corn, and strawberries. But during the fall, we’ve done very well with our 5 Star prime meats and seafood. All year round, our artisan fresh breads have been very well received and we continue to expand on that line.

What sets Milk and Eggs apart from other online groceries for families?

Milk and Eggs is completely different than the standard grocery store. First, we’re 24 hours fresh. No one else can promise that 24 hours ago, that vegetable or fruit was in the ground or on a vine on a farm. In addition, many of the curated items we offer aren’t available in traditional grocery stores. These are local artisan food makers that have made their food by hand and care. They are not mass produced by some giant machine.

What can parents expect to see from Milk and Eggs at the LA Baby Show?

Milk and Eggs is very excited about having a booth at the show and will be handing out oranges and apples for the event. Customers can also sign up for service so that they can experience the freshness, money and time savings!

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