Your Little Munchkins Will Love The Products Created by Munchkin

As a special preview of the LA Baby Show, coming up on the weekend of November 5-6, we have interviewed or profiled many of the Show’s vendors and participants. You can read all about them on this Show blog, but of course the real fun is experiencing the Baby Show in person.

Tickets to the Baby Show are $30 per family, and $20 per individual, and can be purchased here.

Kids Playing with Munchkin products

When it comes to baby products, it’s all in the details. That is why Munchkin focuses on the little things, from a 360° sippy cup to a motion detector on a safety gate. Munchkin is all about finding the next innovation in the industry.

To learn more about Munchkin, we spoke with Karla Ortiz, a member of their team.

For someone unfamiliar with Munchkin, how would you describe the company’s mission and core offerings?

Munchkin develops innovative, modern, and credible products for babies and children that make parents’ lives easier and more enjoyable by thinking of “the little things.” We are passionate, creative, and believe in only making the best products that are trusted and effective.

What is the background of Munchkin? When did it start, and how has it evolved since then?

The inspiration to develop innovative infant and toddler baby products began after the birth of Steven B. Dunn’s daughter, Beau in 1987. Dunn, a venture capitalist, was surprised by the lack of creative design in the infant and toddler category. Quite frankly, as Steve puts it, “I was getting tired of reading other people’s business plans. When I started looking at some of the products we were buying for our daughter, I saw the opportunity to be creative and bring some much-needed freshness and innovation to several categories.” Munchkin was founded in 1991 and has since grown to seven offices worldwide, and holds 175 patents.

What are the most popular and/or newest products from Munchkin?

Parents everywhere have commented on our Miracle 360° Cup, a spout-less sippy cup with a 360 degree valve that allows a child to drink safely from any angle on the cup lid, without worrying about spills. It’s one of our newest, fastest-growing products and recommended by dentists.

Winner of the 2015 American Baby Best Bottle Award, our Latch bottle was designed to mimic the breast better than any other bottle out there, which is a godsend for breastfeeding mothers who live with the frustrations and difficulty of nipple confusion. Latch’s accordion-style nipple is designed to stretch just like mom’s, helping baby latch on for ease and comfort.

Our Luna Safety Gate recently won the innovation award at the Kind & Jugend fair. This stainless steel gate features a motion-detected LED light at the bottom of the gate that proves to be particularly helpful for middle of the night feedings, or at the top of stairs.

What sets Munchkin apart from other baby product companies?

We are never satisfied and continuously look for ways to make our products better. Parents expect new solutions from Munchkin. This expectation serves as our motivation to challenge the status quo, creating innovations that make life that much easier for the ever-evolving, modern parent.

We also live by the motto, “It’s the little things.” With our tremendous success comes an absolute obligation to ensure we contribute to a world and a sustainable environment for future generations. We’ve made it a mission to give back locally, and globally via cause marketing campaigns like Orcas Live in Oceans, and Get a Pail, Give a Tree.

What can parents expect to see from Munchkin at the LA Baby Show?

Please expect to see Munchkin’s new STEP diaper pail which is #1 in odor control. It features our self-sealing lock system, lavender scent baking soda puck to absorb odors, and our lavender scent universal refill bag system.

In addition to Munchkin’s STEP diaper pail, parents can also expect to see products from our safety category including our new premium gates: VIBE and LUNA.

Munchkin recently acquired Milkmakers, who offer delicious, nutritious cookies and teas created to help low breast milk supply. Please expect to see an assortment of cookies and teas on display for all expectant and breast feeding moms. Our Latch line will be on display, including our award winning anti-colic bottle which features an accordion-style nipple designed to stretch just like mom, as well as our nursing pads, breast-pump cleaning accessories and more.

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