Shopping For Baby in LA: The Pump Station & Nurtury

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In honor of the first-ever LA Baby Show coming up on November 5-6, we’re catching up with some of the leaders in the LA maternity and baby community. With locations in Santa Monica and Hollywood, The Pump Station and Nurtury is a breastfeeding and baby care resource center and boutique that nurtures, supports, and empowers expectant and new parents. To learn more, we caught up with Pump Station CEO Cheryl Petran!

Name: The Pump Station & Nurtury

Address & Neighborhood:  Santa Monica –  2415 Wilshire Boulevard; Hollywood – 1248 Vine Street

Phone Number:  Santa Monica: 310-998-1981; Hollywood: 323-469-5300


For an expectant parent who is unfamiliar with your store, please describe it. How do you see its mission and sensibility? What are its core offerings?

The Pump Station & Nurtury is a breastfeeding and baby care resource center and boutique for expectant and new parents. We nurture, support, and empower our clients with quality information and compassionate service. Our pre- and post-natal classes and 1:1 consultations are led by credentialed professionals with years of experience in their fields of expertise. Our teachers, along with our community of parents, curate our product assortment–carefully selecting the absolute best products for parents and baby. We help moms and dads build their community as they navigate their new roles as parents. They often tell us: “You saved my life.” It’s great to hear this and know how much we’ve helped. You could say we help build better parents.

How long has the store been in business? Any interesting tidbits you’d like to share about the background of the store?  

The Pump Station was founded in 1986–this year we are celebrating our 30th birthday! Our business was born of the requests of expectant and new parents. We offered them a class, they asked for another. We offered them another class, they asked for 1:1 support. We offered them 1:1 support, and they asked us what products we recommended. We are known for our acute ability to listen to the concerns, requests, and needs of expectant and new parents. We provide convenience and solutions when these new moms and dads need them most.

Any favorite advice for people shopping for a nursery for the first time? Or for a stroller or car seat?

Cheryl Petran
Cheryl Petran

Don’t spend too much time worrying or stressing about building the perfect nursery before your baby arrives. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) actually recommends that baby should sleep in the same room as his parents for the first year of life (not in the same bed) as research shows doing so can reduce the risk of SIDS. So, bring the crib into your room or get a great co-sleeper and don’t worry about the nursery.

Notice any interesting trends in shopping for nursery or for baby gear lately?  

Unfortunately, right now the big trend with parents is shopping online with big-box retailers and Amazon, of course. It concerns me because not only is this hurting local business, but parents inevitably end up getting products they don’t really need, don’t know how to use, and often they are buying them from third-party vendors that are often more expensive.

What are one or two hot products that you love right now (and why)?

We are madly in love with the Lifenest by Ubimed which was developed by a pediatric ear, nose, and throat specialist in response to the SIDS death of one of his friend’s babies. The Lifenest is currently offered as a crib mattress or topper that gives baby a much safer night’s sleep–thus helping parents get a better night’s sleep. The manufacturer is developing  a model that fits in co-sleepers. Its mesh design improves breathability and decreases overheating, thus reducing the risk of SIDS. The hammock design lessens the risk of baby rolling onto his tummy–another SIDS risk. Lifenest helps prevent flat head and it is currently being studied at UCLA as a treatment for flat head – that means no helmet for baby! It is used in the NICU at Cedars Sinai and many hospitals in the USA and Europe. It is GreenGuard Gold Certified, meaning there are no toxic chemical emissions and no fire retardants. It can also be used with swaddling! It’s a game changer!