Tidy Tots’ Diapers Will Keep Your Tots And The Environment Clean

Tidy Tots’ Diapers

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New parents go through diapers so quickly, and that is a hassle for the parents and damaging for the environment. However, cloth diapers are often messy to clean, leak frequently and have quite the odor. Tidy Tot’s Diapers solve all of these problems!

To learn more, we spoke with Sandra Beck, Tidy Tots’ Diapers’ Founder and CEO.

For someone unfamiliar with Tidy Tots’ Diapers, how would you describe the company’s mission and core offerings?

Tidy Tots mission is to assist families in choosing a more natural solution for their diapering needs. Tidy Tots is a totally new type of cloth diaper that bridges the gap between disposable and cloth diaper. Our patented diaper is designed with a secured flush-able liner ensuring families a “Hassle Free Diapering” experience.

Tidy Tots totally reinvented the cloth diaper and we won the prestigious Maternity and Newborns, “Best Diaper of 2016” award.

Our mission is to shape a brighter tomorrow through providing a better diaper for our children, families, and the planet, while also inspiring and supporting socially conscious business.

What is the background of Tidy Tots’ Diapers? When did it start, and how has it evolved since then?

Did you know that 27 billion disposal diapers go into the US landfills each year and they take 500 years to bio degrade? Millennials are the most environmentally conscious generation and yet many are choosing disposables over cloth diapers. We at Tidy Tots wondered why. Our focus groups indicated that cleaning messy, poopy diapers was the major reason. In addition, there were leaks as well.

We thought we could design a better diaper. Tidy Tots was born.

We have several U.S. patents that set us well apart from all the other diaper companies on the market today. Tidy Tots won the prestigious Maternity and Newborn, “Best Diaper of 2016” where we were tested head-to-head with the other major cloth diaper companies.

What are the most popular and/or newest products from Tidy Tots’ Diapers?

Our secured flushable liner that encompasses our hemp No Fold Diaper ensures families an easy clean up. Just Flush-a-way the mess!

We recently increased absorbency of our hemp No Fold Diapers and boosters through increasing the ply count as well as using the highest weight of hemp, ensuring a leak free experience.

Families love that our diapers have been prepped. Hemp needs to be washed prior to using it. We wash our hemp for hours so our diapers are ready to use out of the package.

What sets Tidy Tots’ Diapers apart from other diaper companies?

Tidy Tots may look like other diapers on the market. However, we can assure you Tidy Tots is totally different. Our covers have solved all the leak issues though our patented stand up gussets, waist fold over pockets, and a trim that seals all the seams.

Our Flushies liner is the only liner that is secured and stays put – no shifting or bunching, ensuring the inside of the diaper stays clean.

  • Ick Free
    • Flushies liners fasten securely with no shifting or bunching.
    • Simply remove and flush.
  • Rash Free
    • Hemp diapers and boosters are naturally anti-microbial, and Flushies are made of cornstarch, a natural remedy for diaper rash.
  • Leak Free
    • Water resistant trim prevents wicking, while special gussets and flaps keep messes contained

The Cloth Diaper Reinvented

  • No spraying, scraping, or swishing
  • Diapers are easy to use- they simply snap in
  • Boosters wash out: no un-stuffing dirty diapers
  • Hemp resists odors and bacteria.
  • No pre-washing – hemp comes washed and ready.

What can parents expect to see from Tidy Tots’ Diapers at the LA Baby Show?

We are really excited to debut our new custom patterns at the LA baby show. This will be our first show in LA and we will have some great specials for families attending.

To find out more about Tidy Tots’ Diapers, check out tidytotsdiapers.com